Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Experimenting with Blog Giveaways

Crafty Girls! Everyone who writes a blog wants to get more people to read it. No matter how many followers you have, it's never enough. My own desire for readers is an unfillable chasm of need. Every time I check my craft blog and see another follower it's like a little birthday party deep in my heart. To drive more traffic to their blogs people have started doing giveaways. Maybe this has been going on forever and you're all over it. It's new to me though, and I'm crazy about them. I've entered like 30 in the last three days. For those of you who run blogs in addition to your etsy sites--I think there is some excellent marketing potential with this idea. The point is to get as many people thinking about your product as often as possible so that when a holiday or event comes up and they need say a purse or a necklace-they will remember you.If they check your blog, you'll be on their mind.
Now that I'm obsessed with blog giveaways so I've decided to start giving one dress away every week. There are two giveaways this week to start it off( I chose two sites, one of them is new but hilarious-they need more readers. The other is really established, has a huge readership and will help me get more traffic to my sites).

On both sites you have to become a follower on their blog and then comment about the dress. At the end of the week they will randomly pick a winner and I'll mail out my old friend to you. So much fun.
The contest for the small medium dress is on http://www.whwywfashiontips.blogspot.com
the one for the medium large is on http://theglamorouswahm.com/

Next week I'll do it on my site. I don't know why I love these so much--personally I never win anything, which is why I have no interest in gambling. I did win a game of Cranium the other night, but that could be because we were playing against a drunk and a retard.
Anyway, good luck! Write to me if you win. I'll post again and let you know if this ploy has resulted in more actual sales or just been a frenzy of pointless fun. Write to me or comment if you've seen success from this giveaway idea on your own blog.
One last thing---should we all be linking our blogs( all the etsy austin people?) Might be fun!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay, I'm still going to write little stories but right now I'm obsessed with this Giveaway concept on the blogs--
Here is another one on Ramonsterwear.blogspot.com--
all you have to do is post a comment on her site to enter her contest and win this little birdie dress. By telling all of you this I am decreasing my chances of winning it. Always thinking of others.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Join us at KGSR's Blues on the Green!

Marcia Ball at KGSR Blues On The Green, 6-25-08
Photo: Carlos San Miguel

We are very excited to announce that EtsyAustin will have a team booth at Blues on the Green this summer! This totally fun, free concert series will be held at Waterloo Park this year, every other Wednesday, all summer long. Come on out to enjoy some great music & a chance to shop locally! We'll have a different group of team members selling their unique, handmade wares at our booth at each show. Here are the concert dates:

June 3 - Ruthie Foster
June 17 - Cyril Neville
July 1 - Jimmie Vaughan
July 15 - Marcia Ball
July 29 - Carolyn Wonderland
August 12 - [TBA]

Friday, May 1, 2009

Where is Etsy this Weekend?

There are so many wonderful arts related events in Austin, please comment with the ones you know about.   Check out the  GACA member show on this weekend (May 2 and 3) and next weekend at the E4 gallery.  Lots of beautiful work by local clay artists.  

Next weekend is heaven for Austin area clay artists, potters, and ceramic artists.  The annual Art of the Pot event comes to Westlake High School for Mother's Day weekend.  Lots of amazing artists will be showing their work and demonstrating some major skills.   

I would love to post weekly information on where members will be each weekend.  Send me an e-mail or just add your comment below.  Where is Etsy Austin this weekend?   Also, if you scroll down on the right you will see a nice list of Texas Craft Shows.  

The Austin Handmade Market did not happen this weekend.  They do have some nice new works in their store and are working on a new location for the Market.