Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Fall: Etsy Austin Craft Riot!

It is officially Fall! Though here in Texas we haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the cooler weather, I know we're all excited for it. We're also excited for Etsy Austin's 3rd annual Craft Riot November 20th & 21st! I really enjoyed participating in it last year, I was able to share my goodies with everyone, as well as get all my Christmas shopping done! Here's a sneak peak at what you will get to see this year. Enjoy!

just a notepads ...

Scrabble Tile Pendant - Brow...

Relics Charm Necklace

Vintage Heart Posts

Texas Longhorn Brooch

Pearl and Silver Hair Pick

Little Man Burp Cloth Set

Pixie Flower Petal Hat - Hal...

Rusty Colored Scarf or UT Fa...

ACEO - Embrace Possibilities...

Waist Envy . Art Postcard

Sweet as Apple Pie Apron

Blue Bird and Red Mittens


Newt Skirt no. 5 in Brown, O...

Hello Bird Greeting Card

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Member Feature - Chester and Lola

Name: Sara Rothko Hauschildt
Shop Name: Chester and Lola
Brief Product Description: Jewelry, cards, and gifts for people who love birds

What is unique about your product? I focus solely on imagery involving birds, both in the papers I use and the jewelry components I include.

How did you get started? I just got sick of seeing so much wonderful handmade stuff and thinking "I could do that" -- but never actually doing it. Finally I just decided to DO it.

Where do you get your inspiration? My two lovely parakeets (that would be Chester and Lola), wild birds... also from the steampunk movement and the magazines put out by Somerset Studio.

What excites you most about your work/shop? That people really like the product!

Describe your workspace/workroom. We have an extra bedroom in our house and so I have an entire room with a table, some shelves, and a window seat! There's also a sofa bed for a little inspirational nap. ;-)

Which do you prefer: online sales/marketing or face-to-face sales/marketing? Why? Face to face is a lot easier. I'm not very adept at marketing online yet.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years? If I can still do this, I'd love to be doing it!

What do you feel is the most important skill you use in your business every day? My creativity.

What do you like about EtsyAustin? It's a great group that provides lots of encouragement and support to its members!

Describe something about yourself that may be a surprise to people on the team. I'm a barista and obsessed with pulling the perfect shot of espresso.

You can find more Chester And Lola at...
Chester And Lola's Etsy Shop
Chester And Lola's Website
Chester And Lola's Fan Page

Monday, September 13, 2010

Saturday's Team Meeting

At our meetings, instead of just the usual introductions and agenda items, we are now incorporating some mini-workshops and games!  This way you not only get a lot of great info about the team and upcoming events, you also get great business tips and get to have some fun!  This Saturday's meeting included a mini-workshop on Line Sheets.  Before this meeting I had never even heard of a line sheet, have you?  They are a great tool for you to use when incorporating consignment and wholesaling into your business.  Thanks to Becka, Beth H, and Beth A for showing us some great examples of their line sheets!

So don't miss out on our next meeting, and if you have any ideas for fun activities or presentations you would like to share, let us know!