Friday, September 26, 2008

Babes in Business meeting recap by Beth

Last night I attended the Babes in Business meeting at Trudy's Tex-Mex & had a blast! The Babes in Biz are a group of Austin small business owners who generally work in craft, art, or other creative fields. The Babes are organized by Anne Marie, who has her own handbag line as well as a brand new events company {which is holding a craft show in April! Bearded Ladies link below!}. All of these gals were super-friendly & we had a great time! I picked up lots of tips on thrift stores in the area (my main materials source) & enjoyed hearing about everyone's experiences. I highly recommend you join this group if you're interested in networking & meeting people in the craft & local business scene. Go to their Yahoo Group page to sign up.

The Babes I met:
1) Anne Marie Beard - annemarie and The Bearded Ladies Present
2) Cathie Fuentes - Sweet Wolf
3) Curlin Reed Sullivan - The Pipping Tooth
4) Heidi Schlenk - Essence Photography & Art
5) Jenifer Bryan - Lucy Blue Studio
6) Jenifer Nakatsu Arntson - JNA Designs
7) Jessica Fields Dunlap - Rose & Duke
8) Laurie Wisbrun - Scarlet Fig
9) Rachel - Average Jane Crafter
10) Wendy - Ballistic Sweater Girl

Wow! 10 Babes! Join us next time, won't you? The Babes meet on the last Thursday of each month.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Official! Etsy Austin Street Team is Here!

I was recently invited to join an exciting new Street Team on Etsy called Etsy Austin. It was started by Beth Hempton of Snuggle Herd. It’s just in the beginning stages, but I’m super-excited to be a part of this team! If you live in or around the Austin area, and you sell on etsy, then convo Beth on Etsy or send her an e-mail.

Here’s what she sent me:

Hi there fellow Etsy Austinite!
Want to help promote fellow Austin artists while drawing positive attention to yourself? Want a group to bounce ideas off of & be inspired by? Want to meet some new artsy-fartsy friends? SO DO I!!! Let’s join forces.

I would like to start an Austin-only Etsy team. There are so many great artists & crafters here that I would love to meet. Please pass it on to any fellow Austin crafters you are in contact with. If you are interested in joining this brand-spankin’ new Etsy team, please reply.

Thanks for your time & I hope you’ll join me!
Best wishes,

Beth Hempton

———— The Snuggle Herd ————
.. handmade, upcycled t-shirt toys ..
…. & other earth-friendly kid stuff ….
—– ————
—– —–

So, after i joined our our Etsy Austin ning group, and became and Admin for it, I decided to create our logo and banner since i’m a graphic designer. Our REQUIRED Yahoo group will be our main form of communication. So be sure to sign up so you can be in the loop.

I love how it turned out!!! Simple, yet memorable. We also have an Etsy Austin Flickr Group. So if yuo wanna join us: Visit the temporary Team page, and scroll down to the bottom where it says Etsy Austin, and it’ll explain how to join! I am so excited to be a part of this team & I can’t wait to see what’s in store from the creatives living in & around the capitol of Texas! :)