Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Great Way to Spend a Thursday Night!

Come tie one on with The WonderCraft as it celebrates its landing at The Art Pad, a walk-in mosaic studio offering art supplies, gifts, parties & classes, and now home to Lapis Lane, a Bead Boutique. The WonderCraft has joined The Art Pad and Lapis Lane Beads to become the latest crafting destination in Austin.

The theme of the party is neckties, bring one or wear one, they’ll be crafting with them all night. $3 to participate in the neck tie craft, otherwise it's a free event. The first 25 guests will receive gift bags chock full of handmade items, samples and other goodies.

The party will also feature locally handmade goods from annemarie, Austin Art Metals, Baby Bolt, Craft Chi, DeLisa Designs, Frou Frou Skincare, Gypsy Harte, Merritt Gade, Nepenthe's Bathtime, Pigsey Art, pommes frites, SoCo Divka Designs, Squid Ink Kollective, & Sweet Wolf.

While you're there, you can enjoy tasty treats from fabulous sponsors, including Blue Note Bakery, Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar, and The Cupcake Bar.

Austin favorites, and the ever-popular button maker will be there. Photo booth by Lucinda Lewis.

The WonderCraft is located at The Art Pad at 4520 Burnet Road, Austin, TX, 78756

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Etsy Austin Valentine's Day Finds

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, chocolates are disappearing from the shelves, florists are overbooking deliveries, and restaurants are running out of reservation slots (ask me how I know). Whether you're staying in or going out, Etsy Austinites have just the right handmade goodness to help you celebrate V-Day (and maybe even gift a little something to yourself). Check out these great finds from our team!

First up, we have Lovebirds earrings from Tracy Owens Chasteen of Polished Two. To me, these are the perfect gift for your bff or even to yourself- won't break the bank and it's the classy non-cheesy/non-romantic version of Valentine's. To me, they're part rockabilly part Americana classic tattoo art, which y'all know I'm a huge fan of. And, Like Tracy points out, if you want to ease up on the Valentine's aspect for year-round wear, you can take the heart off and sport the sparrows solo.

Next, we have a rockin Valentine's Day card from Tisa Jackson of Tisa's Creations. The best part about these clever and affordable cards? You can custom order what the front says. My initial reaction to this card was a chuckle soon followed by an "awww". I myself am probably guilty of talking about how much I love my effects pedals, chai, or making jewelry more than expressing the degree to which I care for the people close to me. So, if you're like me, this card is the perfect way to simply and stylishly let everyone know just how much you love them.

Kristen Pumphrey of Pommes Frites is gearing up for Happy Hearts Day with this cute and clever Valentine's Day book safe. Perfect for any beloved neurotic in your life, this salvaged book could be a two-for and double as a gift box and later serve its intended safekeeping purpose. So, if you have someone near and dear who's working to beef up their impressive all mahogany two story library- and simultaneously home security, send 'em over to Pommes Frites.

Yours truly is especially delighted to know that there are a few Etsy Austinites keeping this Valentine's Day sparkly. One staying true to this is April Wright of April Wright Design. Featured are her Pink Glitterheart Earrings, which she also sells in amber! The black settings look like they are custom laser cut acrylic, which I love, but April actually does the shaping and cutting herself with shrinky dink plastic. For those of you who aren't quite the mag pie I am, April's Scarlett Deco Earrings are just as cute and just as fitting for Valentine's Day.

Finally we have a customized valentine courtesy of Beth Albrecht of Paired Hearts. In her shop, she has a sweet "Even My Hands Love You" valentine as well as an anti Valentine's "This is Not a Valentine" valentine, which could be perfect if you're Anti V-Day or if you find yourself in a Lisa Simpson-esque predicament where giving someone a valentine makes them think you're up and ready for dating/marriage/whatever fits the scenario. However, my favorite is the custom greeting card listing (one of the samples shown). This particular punny owl valentine is perfect for any owl aficionado, the trendster who knows owls are all the rage right now, or anyone close to you who can't be told enough times how much you care about them. Aww.

That's all for now! Visit my blog to see more about these lovely ladies' fabulous lines, Valentine's freebies, and what's going on in Austin for Happy Hearts Day.

Action Jackson out.