Monday, October 27, 2008

Urban Street Bazaar Dallas, December Bazaar App. Due Tomorrow!

Hey Everyone, this is Beth from Paired Hearts and I wanted to share with you a great event coming up, on December 6th Make Shop and Studio in Dallas is hosting their 8th Urban Street Bazaar in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. I have done 2 of their previous events and I highly recommend applying. The December show looks like its going to be a big event and draw a lot of customers, so hurry up and get your application in, its due tomorrow! Oct 28th.

Their website is:
and you can download the application: Urban Bazaar Application


  1. Thanks for this info Beth! This is soooooo scary- I just sent my application in...It's pretty scary committing to pay $150!!!! Did you put in your app???

  2. Hey, is anyone else doing this bazaar?
    I'm going but it's my first bazaar, so I'd love to hear from anyone going about what to expect, how much to prepare, and any suggestions on setup!
    robie (parsimony.etsy)