Saturday, April 18, 2009

Etsy Austin Gets Around!

I had a blast at this month's Etsy Austin meeting.  This team has done such a great job it can be overwhelming ... in a good way.  First the events for next weekend (the 25th):  I know of two that are full of Etsy Austin members.  (Please add some more in the comments). 

Ft. Worth - Funky Finds Spring Fling  - indoors and free!  Make it by the Etsy Texas Crafters Booth *

Sunset Valley Farmer's Market - rumors abound that Etsy members are found there... :-). 

My next goal is to visit every member's etsy store and blog.   I really love snuggleherd's etsy site    Her blog is really fun and if you visit there is a FREE coloring page link.   I love free!  This a fun little gift to tie in with her fun coloring cards and animal themed designs.   So much to learn from such a great group!  Thanks. 


  1. There are also some Etsy Austin folks at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market from 9am-3pm.

    Staged adjacent to the nationally recognized Sunset Valley Farmers’ Market in the Toney Berger Center parking area on the South side of Hwy. 290 frontage road, between Westgate Blvd and Brodie Lane on North Pillow Road.

  2. Sunset Valley is a wonderful Market!

  3. I am going to try to go by the Sunset Valley market tomorrow! Can't wait to meet some of you!