Thursday, June 16, 2011

Etsy Craft Party 2011 by Austin Craft Riot!

On Friday Austin Craft Riot joined Etsy in hosting a world wide craft party. We want to thank everyone who came out this year. It is always such a treat to see folks get their hands dirty and find some beauty come out of their hard work. Between the button making, screen printing, duct tape jewelry, and upcylcled bags those in attendance were decked out to hit the town in their handmade fun. You can check out pictures from the photo booth, as well as all the other good times had at Starving Art Studios.

We would be remiss to not give a special thanks to The Lonely Gourmet who very graciously supported us in bringing snacks to the crafty masses, as working this hard can really bring on an appetite. At the Lonely Gourmet "Where Single Doesn't Mean Boring" you can get crafty with your dinner.

And last but certainly not least a big thanks to Austin Craft Riot's team members Cheryl of Liberty Originals, Katie of Sophie and the Cat, Beth of Paired Hearts, Tara of R&R Designs, Amelia of AmeliaBeth, Tisa of Tisa's Creations , Lani of Elle Dee Designs, Iliana of Bookgirlstudio, Brandy of Pigsey Art, Shay of Constant Dreamer, Amy of Craft Chi, Megan of Hammer It Out, and Renee of Robo Roku for working very hard to bring this amazing party to the people. We look forward to having more crafting events like this in the future and hope you will join us again next time.


  1. It was so much fun! Thanks for the great party! :)

  2. I can't forget that party in my life time since Etsy and Austin had joined together and created an awesome party which would last in every one's mind forever.
    Kray webb