Monday, July 11, 2011

Staying Creative

When you're an artist/creator/crafter/maker it's all about being creative. It's about expression and stepping outside the boundary box that you OR society has placed on your head. It's about sticking with it, pushing yourself, having fun and trying to stay inspired.

Sometimes that last bit about staying inspired gets left behind in the creative rubble. When you have daily jobs, families, pets, aspirations, school, volunteering and the rest of life to deal with, working to stay creative isn't at the top of the priority list. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to remind us what is important.

29 Ways to Stay Creative
is the nudge you need. Being awesome isn't about luck, or ideas lightning-strikin' your head out of nowhere. It's about work, and perseverance and staying on your toes. It's about failing, and learning that it's okay to fail while pushing forward.

Read, lap up, IMPLEMENT.

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