Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can you please turn that down?

I am about to reveal a big secret. It may damage my reputation, I may lose friends. I might even be labeled "Anti Austin", but I can't keep it inside any longer.
I hate South by Southwest.
I hate the crowds( even though they are bringing in revenue for the small businesses in our community-which is awesome)
I hate all of the snotty looking kids in their skinny jeans who cross the street against the signal and give me the stink eye( as if they could read my thoughts)
Even though I myself routinely cross the street whenever I feel like it " F the Man and his "lights"-I am crossing".
Even though I too own skinny jeans.
I don't understand why people would fly here, at their own expense, to stand in a parking lot and listen to loud music. I don't understand how it doesn't annoy them that they can't talk to each other over the noise, screaming communication into someones ear over a lukewarm cup of alcohol.
Listen,try not to hate me. I am completely aware of my shortcomings as an Austinite, maybe as a human being.
If one lives in Austin, and does not enjoy live music, it can be social suicide. "Wouldn't you rather just buy the CD?" I say, and people look at me as though I am retarded.
So, as my first post to introduce myself to the etsy street team, I am laying it all out on the line, folks.
The catch is this--the etsy street team is having an event at Hill Country Weavers on South Congress tomorrow, and I think I'm actually going to go. Not just to meet them, but also to see all of the cool stuff in person that these people make WITH THEIR VERY OWN HANDS.
The point being, I don't even like people. I don't even like music.
And yet-I am planning on going, because it looks like it's going to be really fun.
This is about the most positive endorsement an old, skinny jeans wearing misanthrope can give. See you there ( can you turn the music down when I get there? Thanks!)


  1. RubyPearl - you are hilarious, and I think you speak for many of us. And you're a darn good advertisement for the worthiness of visiting the etsy event at Hill Country Weavers!

  2. I second that - if she'll come to our booth it must be fanTAStic! which it is. everyone should come & see it!

  3. Very funny, and my feelings, also. Makes me wonder, sometimes if I'm somehow deficient as an Austinite. Maybe I'll come by tomorrow, too.

  4. Whew - and I thought I was the ONLY one to be disenchanted with this town's many farcical trappings! It took me approximately two years of enduring the emotionally, ear-shattering, indie music of the downtown scene and trying to keep up with the cool kids before I could no longer hold back my disdain and retreat into a hermitic existence in the Pflug. This doesn't make me an Austin-o-phobe or lacking in appreciation for Austin, but I guess it does show that familiarity breeds contempt... With all due respect, I find that the responses here somehow remind me of SXSW... ;-)

    a fellow misanthrope and a proud yankee to boot

  5. Dang! For me it may be the best week ever, even if its all about the people watching.

  6. As someone who has worked in retail downtown for years ... and a native born Austinite I have to say I also do not enjoy SXSWers. ACL is pretty bad too though the people aren't nearly as "hip" and are therefor less annoying.

  7. I hear you! I was in austin for 5 years as a student, and i would think the same thing, that it's nothing but pretentious music snobs. Thank goodness it was always during UT's spring break, and i would instead be in san antonio during the mess.