Friday, March 20, 2009

South by South-Worth it!

So although I have officially come out as a hater for Sby SW, I did venture down to see the booth at Hill Country Weavers on South Congress. I brought my 2 year old and my hungover husband with me, and I missed getting to meet Beth by 10 minutes.
I did see some really eclectic and creative work, and get to talk to some friendly girls whose name I can't remember( Stephanie?) I Always do that! I hate that! Sorry,
But the really friendly girls showed me all of the stuff for sale and I have to say, I was impressed.
Here is what they have---
Soap made from goats milk that I wanted to eat( I didn't)
Silky Belts made from vintage-y fabric that I thought were way too cheap for the proffesional quality of the sewing and beautiful fabric.
Cute stamp jewelry( I loved the Texas necklace whoever you are)Cheap! I think it was only 20 dollars and I was going to come back and buy it until my daughter threw up in Big Top Candy and we had to rush back to the car( the smell of throw up makes Jeff, My husband, want to throw up. He is a real baby about this)
Also, bright colorful whimsical newborn outfits with tulle( I love tulle)
Also, Handmade sandwich bags
Also, pretty jewelry in all price ranges

It's really an extravaganza down there and I suggest everyone go by, even just to look. Afterwards we went to the cupcake trailer and the Candy Shop( worth a trip down to South Congress in itself) and then, well, you already know about the throw up.
I can't say enough good things about this group of crafters. I did not experience soul crushing hatred for this South by Southwest event. Thank you girls for bringing me out!


  1. oh dang! can't believe i missed you by only 10 minutes! well at least you got to meet some of the other nice gals. and thanks for the nice update - glad you braved it for us! : )

  2. We ventured down too and I was equally impressed with all the fantastic goods for sale! Texas, we are big on talent. Great meeting some of you, the cute ratty made my son's morning!

  3. We had a FABULOUS booth! Everyone is so, so talented!!