Monday, September 13, 2010

Saturday's Team Meeting

At our meetings, instead of just the usual introductions and agenda items, we are now incorporating some mini-workshops and games!  This way you not only get a lot of great info about the team and upcoming events, you also get great business tips and get to have some fun!  This Saturday's meeting included a mini-workshop on Line Sheets.  Before this meeting I had never even heard of a line sheet, have you?  They are a great tool for you to use when incorporating consignment and wholesaling into your business.  Thanks to Becka, Beth H, and Beth A for showing us some great examples of their line sheets!

So don't miss out on our next meeting, and if you have any ideas for fun activities or presentations you would like to share, let us know!


  1. It was a great meeting! I thought I knew what a line sheet was, turns out I didn't, ha! I learn so much from the EtsyAustin folks!

  2. love that last pic - Camille, you're so cute!