Friday, November 5, 2010

Craft Riot Vendor: Katastrophicdesign

Melissa Taylor

Give a brief product description.

Katastrophic is a collection of handmade organic "every day" clothing for creative and imaginative people.

How did you get started?

Katastrophic is my first and brand new collection which was born out of a desire to use my talents to add something good to the world, and to spend my life doing what I love instead of just trying to get by, even though to get started it requires a lot of sacrifice.

Where do you get your inspiration?

So many places! Girl toys of the 80's, gardening, skaters, places I've lived and visited, my favorite movies (you have to guess), and other various shaded corners of life.

Describe your workspace/workroom.

My husband and I live in a small two-bedroom house. Originally our bedroom was the master bedroom and we shared the other smaller room as a studio. Well, that didn't last long. Now the master bedroom is my studio, and he has to share with the bedroom! My studio is full of colorful fabrics that I have hand dyed, a clothing rack of finished pieces, sewing machines, and of course billions of buttons and random doo dads that may or may not ever be used!

What has been your favorite winter holiday gift to make or receive?

Oh my. Handmade journals, probably.

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