Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Craft Riot Vendor: Tina Lewis

Tina Lewis
Facebook Pottery page:

Give a brief product description.
Wheel-thrown or handbuilt pottery and ceramic art.  I use porcelain and stoneware to create useful pottery, beads and ceramic art.  Most of my work is glazed with my studio mixed glazes. 

How did you get started? 

 I started making with clay in high school and took enough art in college to get into ceramics class.  After a 25 year break I startee making in clay again in 2007.   

Where do you get your inspiration? 

Everywhere, history, art, other craftspeople and artists. 

Describe your workspace/workroom. 

I am lucky to have a home studio in a converted 2-car garage.  
It has glass sliding doors onto a patio and lots of room for my kiln, wheel and supplies. 

What has been your favorite winter holiday gift to make or receive? 
I like to give bowls, berry bowls.  I like to receive anything hand made, useful and/or art. 

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  1. Thanks! I'm excited to be participating this year with the talented Etsy Austin (& friends) group. :-)