Friday, March 11, 2011

Hammer It Out's Guide to Late Night Austin

It is late you have had an amazing day of music and fun, but your partner in crime is hungry and getting grumpy. We have all been there. Lucky for you this is happening in Austin and you have options beyond the truck stops on the highway. This is not a complete list of late night places, but I have been to all of these and would recommend them to my friends.

If you are already downtown there will be an array of pizza shops and carts to choose from. They are all good people, but one joint stands out for me Casino El Camino. The Food Network has come calling to check out the larger than life burgers. They are fresh, made to order, and open until last call. The Buffalo Burger is excellent. Also open until 2 am is Trudy's. They now have three locations that are all amazing. You do not get the kind of service they offer here just anywhere. On top of that they server a famous Mexican Martini to cool down the spice of your meal.

Now onto the places that are there for you 24 hours a day. If you have a hankering for authentic Mexican pastries or some fresh tortillas then La Mexicana Bakery will get you fixed up. They also have a breakfast and lunch menu that they serve all day. Katz's Deli on 6th street has been bringing a touch of New York by way of their deli to Austin since 1979. If you want a reuben or blintz this is your spot. Another great 6th street spot is the 24 Dinner. I will just say gourmet chicken and waffles and leave it at that. Kerby Lane Cafe is an institution here. It is not at all unusual for people to wait for hours to get a a short stack on a Saturday morning. They also have a seasonal menu with things like gruyere and kielbasa quiche. Another super breakfast spot is Magonila Cafe. You can also get sandwiches, tacos, and some Tex-Mex too.

Star Seeds Cafe is a small no nonsense diner with good music on the speakers, and great food on the table. If your main need is coffee check out Bennu or Strange Brew. Both shops have a great cup of Joe and you can also grab a pastry or a sandwich. I would also like to mention Mrs. Johnson's Bakery. They serve hot doughnuts starting at 8:40 PM until midnight. The glazed are a mouthful of nostalgia for a time when a guy bought a shop and perfected his craft.

I don't care what anybody tells you these are the best in town. Welcome to Austin we are happy to have you. While you are here support good local restaurants, and drive safe.

-Megan Russell
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  1. Great tips, thanks!! Wanted to add that Katz's actually closed in January :( Good thing there are lots of other late nite options.

  2. Mrs. Johnson's is open from 8:40 pm until noon the next day, not until midnight. You can find it on their website. Believe me, I've made the stop many times after bar close haha!