Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Craft Riot! - Meet your maker

The Craft Riot! is this weekend. Start your shopping list early by meeting our revolutionary hand-makers...


What is the number one holiday pick from your own shop?
Our squid linen tea towels. They're handmade with quality linen and non-toxic inks, so they're a colorful and green touch to anyone's kitchen.

What do you want people to know about your shop/products?
We're primarily a screen printing apparel company. We only use sweatshop-free or organic bamboo/cotton shirts, and everything is printed manually with water-based inks. Most of our designs are drawn and inked by hand - yep, it's a hands-on process. There's also a lot of animals involved - mainly, narwhals, dogs and cats. And squids, of course! We love being able to support ourselves with a creative-based living that's eco-friendly, and adds humor and a dash of silliness to the world.

Best handmade present ever received?
Lynnea: A particularly awesome oil painting of a parsnip by my grandmother.
Brian: A woodcut by my college professor, Catherine Chauvin

Our shop is:

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