Friday, October 22, 2010

Craft Riot Vendor: grrfeisty's feisty fabrik

Roxy Rodriguez
grrfeisty's feisty fabrik

Give a brief product description.
Feisty Fabrik is all about bright colors and designs. I make a variety of accessories - headbands, brooches, hair clips, and zipper pouches. I also love making funky little plushies and pillows, such as the Bipolar Bunny.

How did you get started?
I remember spending hours making greetings cards for my parents when I was younger. My love for scissors continued though high school as I cut through fabric and hand stitched cute little pillows and scarves. Finally I tried my hand at more detailed work with a sewing machine. :)

Where do you get your inspiration?
First off, my grandmother is an amazing seamstress. And my mother is wicked with the knitting needles! These two women are my biggest inspiration!
I also think crafty blogs are highly motivational. I love reading about people’s new ventures and seeing the cute things they are making. I’ve been reading a lot of crafty books, too! I often check the featured etsian because I want to know what gets noticed :)

Describe your workspace/workroom.
I am lucky enough to have an entire workroom in my home. It's pretty much where I spend most of my time! I have a table where my sewing machine sits, a desk for my computer and other "office" things, and a vintage love seat for relaxing :) My dogs often keep my company as I create - they think it's their room, too!

What has been your favorite winter holiday gift to make or receive?
I ADORE handmade gifts. Any present that obviously involves thoughtfulness is the most meaningful to me. I try and give gifts that have the same qualities I look for :)

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