Sunday, October 17, 2010

Craft Riot Vendor: lizziebees

Lianne Nichols

Give a brief product description.
I sell accessories for you and your furry friends. Pet collars, toys, and a few things for you humans as well.

How did you get started?
Let me tell you a story of how I looked down upon my puppy one day and realized that with all my crafty abilities I was going to make him a collar...

Sorry, the truth is it didn't happen like that at all. In fact I don't even have a dog. So, here's the real story. I was unemployed, bored, and unpacking my craft supplies after a big cross country move. I had a clip that was rescued from something I can't even remember, nylon webbing, ribbon, and my trusty sewing machine. Next thing I knew my mom's dog had a new collar. Since then I have made quite a few changes to my process, but the products just get better and better because of it.

Where do you get your inspiration?
It may sound silly, but when I need to feel inspired I just go to the fabric store. I can't imagine walking through all the beautiful fabrics and not feeling the need to make something. Usually I leave with lots of ideas and arms full of brightly colored fabric.

Describe your workspace/workroom.
I am very lucky to have a little cut out in our current apartment. The space is about 8 x 12 and I have taken over every corner of that! I have one wall that showcases all my collars and then I put the fliers for all my upcoming shows over my desk. It motivates me to see what I am preparing for.

What has been your favorite winter holiday gift to make or receive?
I think my favorite winter gift was when my mom and sister asked me to make them mittens one Christmas. They didn't take long to make but it's been 3 years and they both still use them. Plus they were made from baby alpaca yarn so they are incredibly soft.

My favorite gifts to receive were probably the blankets that my Grandmothers have made me. One crochets and has kept me warm with those for years. Another quilts and every grandchild has gotten a quilt from her when they were born. Since I didn't join the family until I was 10 or 11 it was a really special gift when I did get it. It was like I was officially one of the family when I opened it.

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