Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Craft Riot Vendor: Petite Pensieri

Tahra Boatright and Katie WilkePetite Pensieri on Facebook

Give a brief product description.
We handmake unique baby and toddler clothes, accessories and toys. All of our products are part of a special collection which makes gift giving easy, depending on how big or small you would like the gift to be.

How did you get started?
We were both pregnant at the same time, making each other handmade gifts along the way. After getting into the groove of being stay-at-home moms, we decided we couldn't keep all these cute creations just for our boys. We put out our feelers and started to create baby gifts for family and friends and got an overwhelmingly great response. We set up shop on Etsy and Petite Pensieri was born!

Where do you get your inspiration?
Our sons, Carter and Drake (both just turned a year), have been the prefect inspiration to help us create, test our products, see what works well and looks good!

Describe your workspace/workroom.
Each of us have a cozy studio in our homes to escape and get creative! Our inspiration boards hang right above our trusty sewing machines, to keep the wheels turning at all times. This in-home set up allows us to consistently be open for business and just steps away from work at all times.

What has been your favorite winter holiday gift to make or receive?
There's nothing more thoughtful than a handmade gift! Our friends and family love, or so we think, being our guinea pigs to test out new ideas and sewing projects. Mother-daughter apron sets and laptop cases have been our favorites to spice up our friends' kitchens and workspaces. And of course we have to keep all the babies we know looking sassy and hip in our embellished onesies and ready for any spit up catastrophes with coordinating burp cloths.

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